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Sports are one of the common themes that unite people across borders and in many communities, hold a soft spot. Whether it was the colonial times or the 21st century, some sports have grown and created a place for themselves in people’s hearts. Football is one of the few games that is watched by millions of viewers across the world and has a huge fan base. Be it regional football leagues or international championships, people love the sport and are part of it. Did you know that football also played a key role in the success of some of the biggest bookmaking and gambling platforms today? 

Started in Cyprus in 2007, 1xBet expanded into a leading online betting platform that hosts thousands of events and gambling championships globally. The platform got some of its big breaks through football partnerships and events like those with the Nigerian Football Association in 2018, and the Chilean football championship in 2022. Apart from other popular sports like cricket, horse racing, boxing etc, the platform attracts a significant share of its audience through football games and betting events on 1xBet. If you are a football fan and also enjoy betting or just want to give it a try, you can join the platform and check out the events.

Registering Your Football Betting Account

To participate in and try any of the betting events on 1xBet, you need to have a verified betting account on the platform. Whether you prefer the bookmaker website or a mobile app, you can create your betting account in a few simple steps. On 1xBet, you can choose from a variety of easy sign-up options like email, phone number or social media profile. Alternatively, you can explicitly fill out the web form to register your profile. Be mindful about your details when creating an account as the same have to be verified against identification documents as part of the profile verification process.

Make the Most of Welcome Bonuses and Promotions

On betting apps like 1xBet, new users often get a welcome bonus when they join the platform or make their first bet. As for 1xBet, it has among the highest rewards as a welcome bonus on the first deposit on the app that users can use for their bets. It is a great asset for users to maximise their profits and boost their earnings. Additionally, the gambling site also runs exclusive bonus programs and regular promotions to give out additional rewards to players. While each of these may have different rules for betting and cashouts, they are quite lucrative to redeem and participate in. During football tournaments and other regional league seasons, 1xBet runs exclusive promotions for bets placed on football events for players participating in such events. So, it’s a win-win situation for football bettors to make the most of the occasion.

Flexible Payment Options and Channels

If you were to look at the Indian platforms landscape, there are quite a few options that people prefer when making transactions. 1xBet offers a secure and seamless integration with all popular payment methods for users. Payment platforms like UPI, net banking, debit/credit cards, Paytm wallet, BHIM are pretty easy to use. Additionally, 1xBet being a global platform and coverage across geographies, also supports third-party payment systems like Neteller, Skrill and cryptocurrency gateways to carry out deposit and withdrawal transactions.

Live Streaming and Special Football Betting Games

Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch your favourite football matches on the betting platform while you played your bets? And what if you could get the latest game and player stats to make better decisions and put winning bets? The good news is that 1xBet offers them both on their football betting segment and gambling events. Players can watch most of the popular matches live on the platform and participate in the betting events without any additional costs. Not just for football, 1xBet also covers various other sports from across the world like cricket, tennis, boxing etc.

Being a part of the large football betting community in India, 1xBet offers more than just simple sports bets and events. The bookmaker has pushed it further ahead by introducing different gaming styles and bet types. If the players want to wager on football games apart from the actual football championship, they can bet on virtual and e-football games. These are similar to simulated games and slots and players can use a wide range of bet types to boost their chances of winning.


When you look at sports betting and football gambling, 1xBet is an amazing platform that caters to a variety of different players. From people who like traditional football to more curious punters as well players looking for low as well as high-stake games. If you want to try them out and experience football betting, join the platform and get started. 

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