1xBet General Betting Rules

When we look at gambling and betting, we often pay attention to the big winnings and getting lucky. Most people talk about playing the right bets, playing the odds and the glamorous side of it. In the Indian gambling market, though the industry is not regulated much and there are limited boundaries and restrictions. Although this gives players and bookmakers more autonomy, it also exposes the players to great risk and potentially breaching their data and security. So, to make sure that the players are secure and have a great gaming experience, popular gambling platforms like 1xBet have clear terms and betting rules.

Let’s check out some of the important rules and terms of using the 1xBet platform

1. Creating an account with genuine documents

When registering and creating a betting account on 1xBet, the users are required to provide the necessary documents to verify their identity. The betting site supports sign-up using email, phone number, social media accounts and manual registration. For all methods, the users must provide genuine identification documents to verify their account. Failure to do so can lead to barring or disabling the account.

2. Placing bets according to available balance

All users when placing bets on the various sports and gambling events can only do it that does not exceed the current balance of their 1xBet betting account. Once the bets are submitted and registered, the stake amount is debited from the account. These bets will then be settled or balanced returns depending on the outcome of the bet placed. As an added feature, certain users can use advance bets to get access to additional credit. However, these bets have different rules and qualifying conditions.

3. All registered bets are final

Depending on the type of bet placed by the players, once the bets are accepted and registered by the system, they cannot be altered. For single bets, the platform allows cancellation and the corresponding amount is credited back. However, for other basket bets like accumulator, chain etc., cancelled bets only remove the specific leg of the entire group. For anything legs that are already executed or in chain are still considered valid until specified otherwise.

4. Bets placed are valid only if outcome is unknown

The bets placed on any betting platform are considered to be a gamble if the outcome of the betting events is not known. This means that the bets can only be placed as part of pre-game betting rounds and during the game before the event occurs. Any outstanding bets or bets placed after the time at which the specific action occurred are automatically considered void and cancelled. Also, in case a specific event is cancelled or rescheduled by the organiser of the event, the outcome of the bet would also be modified in accordance. These rules might differ for casino and custom virtual games that are hosted and organised by the 1xBet platform like slots, virtual games etc. Refer to the specific rules of the games for these terms of engagement and betting

5. Claiming bonuses and promotion rewards

On 1xBet, users can participate in a variety of promotions and exclusive offers to boost their winnings and maximise profits. While some offers are applicable to all events and users, some are introduced for specific events and exclusive to frequent users. Each of these promotions has different conditions to qualify and how the relevant credits are used for bets. Additionally, the winnings from promotions like welcome bonus or weekly bettor raffles are subjected to different withdrawal rules. All terms and conditions of the promotions are subject to general betting rules in addition to particular offer terms unless stated otherwise. The platform reserves the right to modify or change the rules at its discretion.

6. Selling bet slips and making changes

Every bet made on 1xBet through a betting account is submitted via a bet slip. These bet slips are applicable for both single and group bets and are treated as a whole package. In some cases, based on a bettor’s strategy, they might want to sell back their bet slip in full or partially. 1xBet reserves the rights to which bet slips can be sold, but the customers can choose to sell a part or entire stake. However, this can only be done until the bets are not settled, the outcome of the bets is not locked, and the selling price of the bet slip has changed. All bet slip sales are processed at the discretion of 1xBet and the platform does not guarantee that all bet slips can be sold.

7. Editing your bet slips

Additionally, for pregame bets, the bettors have the option for bet slip editing in which they can remove, add or modify the bets on the slip. There are different scenarios and considerations in terms of cost and which bets can be modified in the slip depending on the event, market and the stakes of the bet. Also, 1xBet reserves the rights to accept or reject the editing based on the rules of the bets.

8. Minimum and maximum limits for a bet

On 1xBet, a minimum stake for any single selection bet by the players can be as low as $0.30 (or equivalent in INR). But at the same time, the maximum return or winnings from a bet cannot exceed $75,000.
Now while these are monetary limits for the platform, these can vary depending on the sport and kind of event you are participating in. 

9. 1xBet reserves the right to set limits and accept bets

On the platform, the bookmaker can set any limits and modify the betting rules for different events at their discretion. Moreover, these limits can be imposed differently for different players for different events. Also, 1xBet reserves the right to declare the winning outcomes of a multiple bet with related outcomes if found so. These bets may settle at a 1x odds as long as the result does not violate the limits set for the event.

10. Bet Modification

All submitted bets that are once registered on the server cannot be modified or altered unless indicated otherwise. The players have an option to cancel or resale the bet slip, but the bet cannot be modified.

11. Settling the draws

On 1xBet, the draws are called “Simultaneous Finish” and according to the rules, in case there are 2 players that win the event, the winnings are split equally between the two. However, if it is more than two, then the winnings are shared between all with the odds equal to ‘1’.

12. Betting on forfeiting players

For racing events, it is not uncommon for players to forfeit or withdraw before the race. In such cases, all bets for that player are calculated by averaging the odds offered by the organisers and would be settled at an odd of 1. This is called the Starting price. This is only valid if the starting price of the new market is not yet defined.

13. PowerBet are an asset for the winners

Apart from the usual bets and numerous options for types of bets supported by 1xBet, for specific events the bookmaker introduced Powerbet. This feature is great for pregame and live single bets for players looking to boost their winnings. It is like a snap on boost bet for an existing bet by increasing your betting odds without modifying the original bet or its stake. This means, you can win an additional payout if the original bet settles in your favour and gives you greater returns.


On any betting platform, the rules and terms of participation are important and all users must adhere to them. These are crucial to ensure fairness and to prevent users from exploiting or misusing the platform for ulterior motives. 1xBet is a global platform that is known for its reliable and secure betting experience and these betting rules help reinforce the same.

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