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Gambling and sports betting have become quite an interesting and popular activity for enthusiasts in India over the past decade. Players from all walks of society are trying their luck and engaging in betting games over bookmaker platforms. Whether it is for sports like cricket, football, boxing etc. or online casino games like blackjack and roulette, fans enjoy them all. To cater to this surging demand, there are a few major players on the market that are popular among the users. 1xBet and Bet365 are two of the chart-topping betting apps for this year, attributing to their user experience and sports events. 

Let’s have a look at these two and compare their offerings and what makes them popular for the users.

Talk about the looks and aesthetics

One of the most important things for any app, particularly gaming apps, is its user experience and navigability. A gaming and betting platform that is easy to use and has all the right features in the right place, can significantly influence a user’s experience. In this department, both the 1xBet mobile app and Bet365 are doing a fairly good job. Both platforms have a good interface and have a variety of features to enhance and simplify how the users interface with the games. Bet365 offers a general interface that is common for all its users and it’s quite uniform. 1xBet, on the other hand, provides a highly personalised experience for its Indian users. Subtle differences like support for the Hindi language or introducing design components based on user preferences scores a big win for 1xBet. 

Also, depending on the sports events or casino games users interact with, the platform seamlessly adapts and creates an appealing look. All of this contributes to the overall user experience and boosts engagement. In that sense, it is apparent that 1xBet is adapting and catering to the particular needs of the Indian audience better than Bet365.

Variety of sports and gambling events

Considering the expanse of the audience needs and growing demand of the market, the diversity of events, volumes and sports coverage can make or break the deal. Both the apps cover most of the major sports categories like cricket, football, boxing and usual casino games like blackjack, slots and roulette. This catalogue expands further with custom and innovative versions of slots and gambling leagues. However, in terms of variety, diversity and number of active daily events, 1xBet is far ahead of Bet365. 1xBet betting platform covers an expansive collection of global esports and numerous slots and casino games with different stakes. All of which accounts for over 4000 daily events for its massive gambling patreon and enthusiasts. For players looking to engage in common betting events, both platforms are equally great. However, if you want something different or a wider coverage, 1xBet would most certainly get more attention.

Bonuses, payments and other money matters

When we look at betting and bookmaker platforms, most of them offer a welcome/sign up bonus for new users. Particularly between 1xBet, and Bet365, the former is a clear winner. While Bet365 offers a 100% joining bonus of up to ₹2000, 1xBet’s bonus is at ₹10000. Additionally, there are numerous exclusive promotions and weekly reward events for loyal and active users. Comparing numbers and frequency of such promotions, 1xBet wins this round. Moreover, we shouldn’t forget to look for the terms of engagement, betting odd conditions and withdrawal policy associated with each promotion. Since these bonuses are exclusive and adapted over time, the policies might change according to user engagement and gambling events. 

In terms of supported payment formats for deposit and withdrawals, methods like UPI, Visa/Mastercard, NetBanking and some third-party gateways are pretty much the same for both platforms. However, the minimum deposit limits can differ on both, depending on the method used. In terms of transactions with cryptocurrency, Bet365 has a better integration and token support of the two. So, based on user preferences in payment methods, availability of different options can affect their experience with the platform. 

Joining the betting community

In terms of the registration process, to register for a 1xBet account or Bet365 profile users can have a variety of different options. They can choose to create their profile through a sign up form or use their email/social media account to link their account on the platform. After creation, there is a standard verification process that most bookmakers follow. So on this front, the two competitors end up with a tie.


All in all, 1xBet and Bet365 are both global betting platforms that have a sizable presence in the Indian betting market. Based on your preference and gambling needs, you can choose to join any of these platforms and get started with betting. Before you do, understand the risks and terms of betting on these platforms to save yourself from any unwanted surprises.

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