1xBET vs Betway – Which Betting Site is the Best?

In the Indian gambling and online betting industry, we can see a sudden jump in the past few years. Both in terms of the target audience and the number of betting sites expanding into this new market. Looking at these trends, and limited regulations in the market, it is highly likely that more betting admirers and pundits would want to try their hands on the new opportunities and exciting events on such betting apps. Taking a pick from some of the top charting betting platforms in the market, let’s compare 1xBet and Betway and rank them against each other on some key aspects of betting.

Aesthetics and User-Friendly Interface

When comparing and ranking any user-interactive website and platform that involves extensive user interactions, one of the key elements is its navigability and user-friendliness. Both 1xBet and Betway have done a pretty good job in creating an appealing interface, both for their websites and gambling mobile apps. However, being slightly more critical, 1xBet’s interface is more mature in how intuitive the features and its placement are. On the other hand, Betway has kept these controls simpler and for new users, it may feel overwhelming to find the right features to look for.

Sign Up, Verification and Data Protection Processes

In terms of the signup methods and registration options, both websites are pretty much the same and are quick and easy to get onboarded. While 1xBet has done a fabulous job in offering four different ways to join – email, phone, social media and web form, Betway’s additional PAN verification scores extra points. From a user’s perspective, this additional verification process conveys a more secure and error onboarding as compared to a simple account registration.

Welcome Bonuses, Promotions and Other Rewards

Almost all online betting platforms in India are offering welcome bonuses and promotional rewards to capture the audience and get new users. These bonuses are usually tied with some conditions and withdrawal limits, depending on the app you are joining. Betway offers a 100% match-up joining bonus for both betting and casino accounts, but it is capped at a total of ₹2500. Additionally, the app has a very high rollover requirement of up to 6x.1xBet welcome bonus is probably one of the best amongst its peers, where it offers a 100% match-up up to ₹10000. Also, the betting odds of 1.4 or higher for rollover make it much better for the bettors, giving them more flexibility. Overall, making 1xBet promotional bonuses a worthy option.

Support for Payment Methods Deposits and Withdrawals

Among Indian users, the most preferred payment options are usually UPI, netbanking, e-wallets and Visa/Mastercard transactions. Both the bookmaker platforms are neck to neck in terms of their integration with these common payment methods. In addition to these, some third-party gateways and wallet options like Neteller and Skrill are quite popular among the gambling community. While Betway stops here, 1xBet takes things one step further and supports mobile payments and cryptocurrency transactions. For many users, this alone can make a huge difference. Furthermore, with Betway, users might find it frustrating to use UPI, as they are required to provide proof of transaction as an additional step.  All in all, both platforms are alike in the general sense, with some additional points for 1xBet transactions being quicker, easier and secure.

Live Streaming and In-Play Betting Experience

With the increasing engagements and evolving consumer needs, betting platforms are continuously bringing new features. From new gambling options and betting opportunities to adding more events and enhancing user experience. Both Betway and 1xBet are close competitors in terms of the markets and kinds of events both platforms offer. However, the 1xBet app wins hearts with its live streaming features and offers users access to the events without additional subscriptions. For players betting in sports events like cricket, football, Formula 1 etc, this is a great addon and a win. Players can watch the live stream as well as review game stats to make informed decisions about their betting strategies. Nevertheless, they can enjoy their favourite events and stream them on the platform while placing their betting without any distractions.

Final Thoughts

Rating Betway and 1xBet, on general parameters and attributes of a betting site, both platforms score equally well. With subtle differences in the betting odds, support payment options and gaming features and events, they are a close match. However, diving deeper and looking at things like account verification process, live streaming, and ease of making deposits and withdrawals bring out the differences. Considering the overall metric and comparing the strengths and shortfalls of both bookmaker websites, 1xBet scores higher than Betway. As a new user, you can get started on any of the 2 platforms, it is just a matter of preferences and attributes that are important for your gambling experience

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