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Every day thousands of punters and gambling enthusiasts engage in betting and online gambling events across India. In the past decade, the number of events and people participating in them has grown manifold, creating a bigger and more vibrant community. Now, while there are many new bookmaker platforms in the market, the community often picks its favourites and has a few popular ones. For new players and people looking to be a part of the circle, it can be confusing to choose among these betting platforms. We have consolidated a comprehensive comparison of two of the popular apps in the Indian market to make this selection easier. 

Let’s compare the features, advantages, offerings and experience on 1xBet and Melbet bookmaker apps.

What kind of games can you play?

Both 1xBet and Melbet bookmaker platforms started in Cyprus over a decade ago and have expanded globally as major betting platforms. Also, looking at their presence across different geographies, both these betting giants offer services in numerous countries around the world. This vast footprint offers the users and betting players access to all major leagues and esports events from around the world. From popular sports like cricket, football, boxing and horse racing to some more local leagues for specific sports like basketball, tennis etc. Furthermore, this catalogue expands into casino games and slots with both various variations and distinctive adaptations for classic slots and table games. 

Additionally, to cater to the interests of Indian punters, 1xBet offers some local leagues and favourites like IPL, hockey league and many more. Moreover, on the 1xBet India mobile app, users can participate in live and pre-match events and leverage different betting types to play their odds. Moreso, 1xBet has a unique live stream segment which enables the users to stream esports events directly on the platform without any special subscriptions. This is a great addition for sports lovers as they can enjoy their favourite sports on the app, while they make informed betting decisions on the side.

Something interesting and different about Melbet from all other betting and gambling platforms is betting on political and entertainment events. This is something that not many players engage in, but is a unique offering that some curious gamblers might want to try. 

Overall, the users have a diverse range of gambling and betting opportunities and experience the joy of engaging in their sports of interest. 

User experience with interactive platform and special features

As a user, when you are interacting with any website or mobile app, the interface and navigability of the platform matter a lot. In terms of intuitive design, seamless transitions between sections, easy-to-use controls etc are the need of the hour. So, on these essential metrics, both 1xBet and Melbet have managed to do justice to the customers. However, as you dig deeper and try out some advanced features, the differences are more prominent. 1xBet mobile app’s interface is a lot more user-friendly and easy to work with as compared to Melbet. Also, MelBet sometimes has performance issues for low-end devices and old OS versions which leads to frequent app crashes. On the latest Android version and high-end devices, both apps have comparable performance.  Both the apps have dedicated language support for Hindi for Indian users and have features catering to the needs of the market.

Supported payment methods and exciting bonuses

When we talk of bonuses and special offers for loyal customers, things get a little interesting between 1xBet and Melbet. Both these apps are known to have highly competitive welcome bonuses and promotional rewards for users. In some aspects like maximum welcome bonus matching and free spins for slots, Melbet offers a slightly higher amount. But on the flip side, the bonus terms and requirements on Melbet fall short compared to that for 1xBet. Aspects like rollover ratio, betting odds of bonus and encashing bonus rewards for 1xBet seem favourable for users in contrast to Melbet. So, depending on the player’s preferences and views on using bonus, one might choose one over the other.  Furthermore, the terms are different for different promotions and events, so make sure to review the conditions of engagement before redeeming them.

In terms of supported payment methods, 1xBet and Melbet accept commonly used channels like UPI, Paytm, Visa/Mastercard and crypto. However, Melbet does not support some of the popular third-party gateway channels like Skrill and Neteller, which are well-recognised in the gambling community. This can be a serious turn-off for seasoned players who are looking to use these popular payment systems on Melbet.


To summarise this comparison, it is evident that both 1xBet and Melbet share a lot of similarities. Straight from their roots of inception to the general gambling offering for their users. At the same time, there are quite a few differences that set the two apart and one may choose between them based on personal preference.

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