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If you were to take a guess and the most popular sport in India, your instant response would be cricket. Did you know that cricket is also one of the main areas of interest in the betting community in India? Over the years, cricket has evolved into more than just a sport in India, it has an integrated component of entertainment and big returns. While online betting and gambling is a growing industry in the country, esports betting, particularly on cricket, is already pretty huge. Major bookmakers and gambling platforms like 1xBet, Melbet, and Parimatch are some of the biggest betting websites in India. As for cricket, Parimatch and 1xbet take a major share of punters and gambling fanatics in the country. 

Both of these platforms are extremely popular across the gambling community, let’s find out which of the two wins this comparison.

Bonuses, Payments and Benefits

One of the key metrics that drives users’ decision to choose any app is the benefits and welcome bonus offered by the platform. However, they often fail to read the fine print and that is the one critical aspect that users struggle with. Now, with Parimatch and 1xBet, the welcome bonuses are quite attractive and enticing. In fact, both these betting platforms offer among the best numbers for the welcome bonus for registering for a betting account

On one hand, we have Parimatch offering a 150% first deposit matching bonus up to ₹30000, against 1xBet at 100% up to ₹10000. Both these numbers are far higher than any other apps in the Indian market. Between the two, however, 1xBet has a minimum deposit amount of ₹100 compared to ₹200. Also, the terms of betting, using these bonus amounts and withdrawal for the bonus betting winnings are slightly nuanced. For seasoned gamblers, these terms and amounts can play in their favour, but, for amateur and new faces, it can be a bit overwhelming. So, make sure you understand the terms as you sign up your account on the website or mobile app.

Distinctive Features to Look for on the Platform

For a sports betting and gambling app, the aesthetics and appeal of the interface make a big difference to a user. Any gaming platform, if designed right can keep the users engaged and with the right blend of design elements, you can offer a great experience. Parimatch started back in 1994 and over the past two decades, the interface has evolved quite a bit. Attributing to its long history, the app and its user-friendly interface are quite well-known among seasoned players. 

As for 1xBet, it started its operations in 2007 and started with an interesting take on the design features to cater to the user’s needs. For both the website and Android mobile app, 1xBet offers a seamless and engaging user experience with its attractive appeal. 

With Parimatch users can find a wide range of betting options and special features focusing on cricket lovers. It also has dedicated components focused on the sport. 1xBet does a pretty impressive job at creating an adaptive interface for various sporting events and casino games. Coupled with live streaming options, in-play stats and specialised betting interface for cricket events like IPL and other leagues, it wins some hearts. Players can enjoy watching the events live on the platform while placing their bets and leveraging exclusive betting features to maximise their winnings.

Gaming Events, Sports and More

In terms of volumes, both these competitors cater to thousands of users and cover numerous local and global sports events all year long. Apart from cricket, players can also wager on football, horse racing, tennis, boxing, baseball and other local leagues. Additionally, for casino games like roulette, blackjack, poker and slots, there are quite a lot of interesting variations to try out on both platforms. On 1xBet, you can experience consistency in design while keeping things interesting according to the games to deliver that visually appealing look. With Parimatch, the interface seems standardised across the board and presents a neat integration.

Talking numbers, Parimatch hosts close to 6000 sports and political gambling events on its website and app. On 1xBet, this number is slightly lower at 4000, dedicated only to sports and casino games. So, depending on users’ interests in various gambling and the stakes they are looking for, either of the bookmakers would be a reasonable choice. 

Final Thoughts for Gambling Fanatics

Choosing any bookmaker platform is driven by numerous factors and not just the number of events and bonus amounts. Between the two, 1xBet and Parimatch, there are many similarities and differences that may align with your gambling experience preferences. Irrespective of the platform of choice, make sure you understand the terms of engagement and betting rules. Whether you are new or an amateur, remember that gambling has its risks just as it has great winning odds.

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