Best 5 Online Betting Sites in India

If you look closely at the Indian gaming and gambling industry over the last couple of years, things have changed quite drastically. From esports and virtual gaming becoming extremely popular among enthusiasts to more global betting companies expanding into the Indian market. It is a rapidly growing market as more and more players and gambling fanatics are engaging in these sports. Considering the growing demand and flexible regulations in the industry, there are quite a few online betting platforms in the Indian market offering different kinds of advantages and benefits for varying user needs.While some platforms are focused primarily on casinos and gambling, others are niche in esports and virtual game betting. And then there are a handful of these sites that are more dynamic and offer a wider range of events and gambling options. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular and trending online betting sites in India.

Here are the top 5 Best Bookies Online Betting Sites in India

  • 1xBet
  • 888starz
  • Dafabet
  • Parimatch
  • 4rabet


Starting with one of the most popular betting platforms in India, 1xBet is a great platform for a holistic gambling experience. The platform hosts over 8000 esports and casino gaming events offering all sorts of low and high-stakes groups. Both the 1xBet website and mobile app are user-friendly and are loaded with features to make the user experience one of a kind. Moreover, its global exposure gives Indian games access to global events and boosts their winning. All popular events like cricket, rally races, football, boxing etc are available on the platform. Also, for casino lovers, 1xBet has classic table games and a wide collection of online slots. Finally, to bring it all together, the betting platform has seamless integration with all renowned payment gateways and transaction methods. All in all, it’s a fantastic site to begin your betting journey.


Although a fairly new player in the Indian market, 888starz has been making some noise since 2020 and is getting popular. Primarily due to its collection of unusual and uncommon sports like basketball, tennis, softball etc, it brings a different element to the gambling ecosystem for the players. Since it is relatively new, the platform doesn’t have as many games or events, and also the stakes are not as high. But that with a lower minimum deposit limit makes it a good choice for amateurs looking to get a sense of the betting space. Compared to its competitors, it has lower bonuses, which might make it less attractive to some enthusiasts. 


Another online betting site that often gets the attention of gambling lovers in India is Dafabet. While its website is not as promising as its counterparts, one of the key reasons that makes it interesting is the unique promotional offers and bonuses that users enjoy. Dafabet has a free mobile app for both Android and iOS users and users can get good welcome bonuses. But when it comes to a variety of games, you might have to satisfy yourself with its limited collection of classic games and sports.


Parimatch is yet another renowned name among the betting and gambling community in India that is extremely popular for cricket events. While the platform covers few other sports like football, horse racing etc, users prefer it mainly for its cricket betting options. Similar to its competitors, Parimatch supports a wide range of payment options and has generous bonus and promotion ratios. Moreover, playing to its strength, the platform focuses strongly on making the cricket betting experience for users as engaging and thrilling as possible. While the platform supports a wide range of payment options, the transaction limits and rules can be a turn-off for newer players.


Continuing on the train for cricket betting, 4rabet is a great betting site for cricket events. Founded in 2019, the website has grown rapidly and made its name in the industry. After all, people in India have a special place for anything related to cricket.  Keeping up with the market trend, 4rabet offers a generous welcome bonus and has low deposit requirements. And being primarily focused on cricket, most of the events on the website are targeted towards a specific audience. Furthermore, being relatively new in the market, 4rabet has limited global presence at the moment and is restricted to use in certain geographies.


Since India is a rapidly growing market for betting and gambling with limited legal regulations, there are many more betting sites. For amateurs and enthusiasts who are new to betting, it can sometimes be tricky to find the right and trusted platform to wager on. So, while it is a fun and exciting experience, the risks are equally high and have higher stakes. Therefore, it is crucial that you pick a trusted betting site and gamble responsibly. Understand your risk capabilities, pick your bets right and be vigilant about your private information.

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