Types of Bets in 1XBet

When most people think of betting and gambling, they think of playing the odds, placing simple bets and being lucky. For people who are new to gambling or casinos, it can feel overwhelming to see players trying different strategies and turning good profits. Well, you would be surprised to know that these things are a lot more complex and have many variations. Just like trading or those complex high school maths problems, betting and bookmaking can be simple and difficult at the same time. Furthermore, with the rise of online gambling and betting platforms like 1xBet, and a growing audience in India, it is getting even more interesting. 

1xBet is among some of the biggest global betting platforms with a wide range of gambling and betting options. Both the mobile app and website host over 4000 gaming events daily and have numerous sports and casino games. The app has thousands of players on the platform, each wanting to maximise their odds and try different betting options and gameplay strategies. To cater to the dynamic needs of its audience, the 1xBet bookmaker platform has various types of bets that gamblers can use. Let’s find out which is the best fit for your betting strategy

Single bet

The classic and the most commonly played bet by new or occasional players is the single bet. It is simply one transaction bet on a single outcome and the returns of the outcome are simply based on the stakes/odds of the bet. Those who prefer having easy-to-understand and execute bets often go for this one to start with.

Accumulator bet

Accumulator bets can be considered as a basket of various single bets on unrelated outcomes. For example, the chances of a foul in a football match and a player losing a tennis match can be clubbed together as an accumulator bet. These bets often have high payout returns since all the bets an accumulator bet must be won to win the overall bet. Higher risk and odds mean a higher payout and bigger winnings.

Chain Bet

A chain bet is a form of an accumulator bet where the bettor can chain bets one after the other. Contrary to an accumulator, in a chain bet, the stakes of the previous successful bet roll over to the next bet/leg in the chain. To win the chain, the bettor must win all legs of the chain.1xBet offers a special chain account for chain bets and the balance is settled at the end of the chain.

Advance Bet

Advance bets are a unique offering on digital betting platforms like 1xBet that are available to users as credits for unsettled bets. Advance bets in some sense can be viewed as a line of credit offered by 1xBet that you can use to place your bets and get potential earnings and tap into possible winnings. The amount allocated/provided by 1xBet for advance bets is calculated based on unsettled bets that are due to start within 48 hours. Also, the funds available or received from bets from your own money can be used to settle or repay the advanced bets. The payout and utilisation rules for advance bets are slightly tricky and you must look into the details before making deposits and bets using these.

Promo Code Bet

If you look at promotions and welcome bonus rewards on 1xBet, it is possibly among the best in the Indian market. The platform offers large bonuses and has numerous exclusive promotions for users and specific events. Additionally, there are special events like raffles, seasonal bonuses etc. that users can win to boost their winnings on the platform. As for Promo Code bets, these are special bets that are made using specific promo codes and bonuses. These bets have specific rules for betting, different odds and payout multipliers etc. Either way, based on the conditions of the promo code bets, you can wager in your preferred sports or casino events and earn rewards.

Multi bet

As the name suggests, a Multi bet is a collection of different single and accumulator bets. To create a multi bet, the players must have at least 3 bets that can be any combination of single and accumulator bet in the leg.

Conditional Bet

This is a special kind of bet that shares some similarities with the chain bet. The bettor can create a chain of unrelated events and single or accumulator bets with the sequence being at their discretion. In a conditional bet, the player can decide the stakes for each leg as long as it does not exceed the 100% limit of the previous leg.

Anti-accumulator bet

An anti-accumulator bet is an interesting bet that players often use to hedge their accumulators. A bettor wins an anti-accumulator if an accumulator bet is lost. Only prerequisite is that the bet should have two or more unrelated events in the bucket.

Lucky Bet

A lucky is another one of those group bets that can be any combination of single and accumulator bets. In a lucky bet, the player can have a selection of minimum 2 or maximum 8 bets in a group. If you get lucky but winning any one of the selections, the entire bet is won.

Patent Bet

A patent bet is built as a group of possible accumulator bets with minimum being 3 and maximum of 8 in the selection. A bettor can win the entire patent bet if even one of the underlying accumulator bets gets a positive outcome. Now, a bettor can select any accumulator available on the 1xBet platform as long as they are for unrelated events or outcomes. The best part is that since accumulators are already a group of single bets and these accumulators can be used in any combination, it gets interesting for bettors. And the same time, in the game of odds, choosing your combination strategically can give you big wins.


If you already feel overwhelmed and confused with these, you would be surprised that the list doesn’t end here. 1xBet is a platform that has managed to create an interesting ecosystem for both amateur and seasoned bettors who enjoy such odds. There are a variety of even more strategic bets like patent, lucky, conditional bets and anti-accumulator bets. These bets are usually designed as a combination of the simpler bets mentioned earlier in a custom fashion. The participants can use these in any variation based on their betting strategies and often involve much higher risk and stakes. Due to the nature of these bets, the potential payout and rewards can be equally high. 

If you are curious to try these or watch them in action, you can register your 1xBet betting account and join the platform. The platform is quite easy to navigate and you can explore the intricacies of these bets. 

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